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What Is ISOFile And Why Is  ISO File Used?

What Is ISO File And Why Is  ISO File Used? – Hello friends how are you all ? hope all of you will be healthy. Friends, today we will give you information on a very important subject through this article. Today we will tell you about the ISO file , if you want to know what is an ISO file? , then read the entire article till the last.

Friends, if you also have a computer, you know a little about the computer, then you must have heard the word ISO file name, there are many people who only listen to the name of ISO but they do not know that what is a iso file. Friends, if you also want to know about ISO file and you also do not know what is ISO file, then today we will give you every information related to ISO file.

Friends, you must be using all computers and laptops. Computer is a very important part of our life. You will get to see computers in every department. Computers are used for many purposes. We can also store data in computer. People use computer to store data.  files are created in computer to store data.If you also use a computer, then you must have seen that different files are created on your computer for different tasks. On the computer you will get to see many types of files like zip file mp3 file mp4 file etc.

Friends, each file has its own separate work and each file is created for a different task if you store audio songs in an mp3 file for example, in an MP4 file you keep a video song. Keep a document. Friends have an even more special type of file in the computer called ISO file. ISO files are used to store some of the most important documents of a computer, mostly ISO files are used to store Windows.

What Is  ISO File?

As we told you that ISO file is a special type of file, this file is used to store certain documents in a computer. The main part of the computer is the window, therefore the window is an essential document, most of the ISO files are used to store the window.

But it is not necessary that you store only the window in the ISO file. If you want to collect a number of important files and make a main file, you can use ISO files.

The ISO file is also used to create a file by combining small files, you can also use the ISO file as a window driver if you want.

How To Create ISO File?

Friends, if you also want to create an ISO file in your computer, then its complete process is mentioned in the step below, you read the steps given below carefully and follow them.

To create an ISO file you will need a software, so first of all you download a software called imgburn from the internet. What Is ISOFile And Why Is  ISO File Used? What Is ISOFile

While downloading the software, keep in mind that Internet connectivity on your computer should be good if you have 4G connectivity only then you download it

After downloading, install this software in the same way that you install other software.

After the software is installed, you have to open it easily

When you open this software, you will enter its homepage, where you will see that many options are visible.What Is ISOFile

Friends, if you are thinking of creating a CD window file for yourself, then you will see an option called create image file to disk on which you have to click.

You can see an option like this, you can use any option as per your convenience and make ISO file for yourself.

Friends, you have to keep in mind that while creating ISO file, you have to put a pen drive in your system. If the speed of your pen drive is good, then very soon your file will be ready.What Is ISOFile And Why Is  ISO File Used?

After the file is completed, a message will come in front of you, in which the operation will be successfully completed.

Benefits Of ISO File

Friends ISO file has many advantages. Some of the major advantages are explained below. What Is ISOFile And Why Is  ISO File Used?

If you have an ISO file, your data will not be corrupted.

The ISO file takes much less space than your total space

If you use an ISO file, there will be very few viruses on your system.

If you use an ISO file, you will not need to use a window driver.

Friends these are some of the major advantages of ISO file.

Disadvantage Of Iso File

Once your ISO file is deleted by mistake then all your data will be deleted which you cannot restore

You cannot transfer ISO files from one system to another

Friends this was some disadvantages of ISO file for you.

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Friends, this article is ends here, in today’s article i told you about iso file, Today we have told you the process of creating ISO file and some of its advantages and disadvantages in this article. We hope you liked this information, if you want to get more similar information, then read our article regularly. Thank you

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